Hello to All!
I’d like to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me. My name is Patty May Brown and I have been recently named the new Children’s Librarian at the Marion County Public Library.

I am so excited about being employed in this position and am looking forward to working with all of the children in the community. I have 2 of my own – a six month old daughter and a six year old son.

I am a 1994 graduate of Marion County High School and a 1999 graduate of Campbellsville University. I have a BS in Communications with an emphasis on electronic media, and a BA in English. I also obtained my high school teaching certificate and worked from 2000-2005 at MCHS. After having my son, I returned to work at WLBN/WLSK as the News Director, and was hired July 2010 here at MCPL. It took awhile, but I finally have the job I have always wanted!

One of my first projects was to spruce up the children’s area a bit. We are talking about ordering some new furniture and have recently added some new book themed stuffed animals to our stuffed animal zoo.
We have also rearranged our “E” books, which stand for Easy, but as I like to say “the everybody” books – since there is no age requirement to enjoy a good book. We now have a section just for holidays. So, for an example, all of the Christmas books are all together now. No more searching in the shelves for books during the holiday season – they are easily identifiable.

We are also trying to increase the amount of Easy Reader level books we have and working on obtaining more level 4 books. We are also trying to increase the number of bilingual books, Spanish titles, books with audio cd’s and audio books for younger ages.

I have big shoes to fill since Ms. Lisa has left us, but I feel up to the challenge.

New calendars are out for the month of September, and our story hour calendars are out that include Toddler Tales (at 11am on Wednesdays) and  Wacky Wednesdays – a program designed for elementary age children from 4:15-5:15pm on Wednesday afternoons.

I know that school has started and all of the kiddo’s are anxious to get started on those AR points, so bring them in and we will show them how they can identify AR books and how to find out on AR Bookfinder how many points they are worth.

Again, come in and let’s meet!

Image *Patty May Brown


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